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Things to Remember When Moving

Moving is stressful, but when you have to do the organizing, packing, truck rental, driving, and unloading, it becomes a nightmare. Where will you find enough relatives and friends to help you pack and load a rental truck on the day of the move? Will things be packed right or will things get lost or broken? Hiring movers makes sense. They are experienced, know how to safely pack your belongings, and will deliver your household goods to the new location. You will have plenty to do when you arrive, and you won’t be rushing to meet a deadline.

Packing Day

According to Humboldt Moving and Storage, you should be there the day the movers come to pack. They may have questions about certain items. Ton the day of packing, empty and defrost your refrigerator. Place all the items you will carry in your car in one spot and mark them so movers don’t accidentally pack them. Items you should put in your car include, medicines, documents, money, jewelry, coin collections, and similarly valuable items. Oversee the packing of large items of value, such as art, silver, and antiques, and make sure they are listed separately along with their value. Take some photos of each item as it is packed, and make a notation on the inventory list that a photograph is available. If anything should be damaged, the photos will show the condition just prior to the move. There are things your movers are not allowed to pack, including any flammables, aerosol cans, corrosive liquids, paint, and fire extinguisher. Many states prohibit the transportation of house plants in order to protect their native species. Purchase new plants when you arrive at your destination.

Loading and Moving Day

According to Real Simple, you need to be present when your belongings are being loaded into the moving truck. Check the inventory list as furniture is packed and be sure there is no discrepancy as to its condition. Once everything is packed, do a walkthrough of the house, basement, attic, garage, and any outbuildings to be sure nothing was missed. When the truck is ready to leave, make sure the driver and moving company management have your cellphone number in the event they need to reach you.

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Hire movers to do the tough stuff, and travel stress-free to your destination.