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Spring Cleaning Your Home with Storage Containers

Many people wonder why long-term storage even exists. If you have things that you can do without for a long time, why pay rent to have it held? Shouldn’t you just get rid of it? It’s a sensible question, and it comes with a logical answer.

Certainly, decluttering does come have tangible benefits — when you have less, you spend less time cleaning and organizing, and you have less stuff to worry about. If you believe in feng shui, the less clutter there is, the more energy flow you have in your life, as well.

The thing is, though, you have more than one kind of weather to prepare for. There’s extreme cold and high heat. You need to prepare with completely different set of possessions for each. You could either buy or rent a home big enough for everything that you need for the two seasons, or you could rent tiny and cheap long-term storage containers to put all your stuff away in. You’ll save tremendously on rent or homeownership costs.

Storing is also about decluttering

Long-term storage is also an excellent way to determine what you don’t really need. If you put stuff away for a long time and never use it, you really know that you don’t need it, and you can finally get rid of it. It’s hard to know what you don’t really need without an opportunity to not use it. Long-term storage is the test that helps you tell the clutter apart from the stuff that matters.

Unlike what many think, then, long-term storage isn’t something that helps you collect more clutter. Instead, it’s a step in the right direction.

Spring is a great time to begin

Spring is a good time to begin cleaning because it’s when you deal in major shifts — you need to put away all your winter stuff, and you take out everything that you need for warm weather. In all the flux, they get an opportunity to dig into every one of your belongings and decide what to do with them.

Set aside articles that you haven’t been using

All the winter stuff that you’ve found you haven’t been using all winter, is probably a good candidate for your decluttering effort. It should go into long-term storage at first. You may find that you need it next winter. It wouldn’t be a good idea to give it away to charity right away. Everything from heavy blankets, jackets and bedding that you haven’t used, should go into storage. A couple of years down the line, if you still aren’t using them, they should go to a charity.

Put away all seasonal gear

If you’ve already put spring equipment such as patio furniture, gardening equipment and grills into storage, it’s time to bring it out. Everything from snow shovels and winter sporting equipment to toys that need to be put away, go in in the space that’s freed up. When all of it is out of your home and in a storage site, you’ll breathe more freely.

You need to apply the usefulness test to your summer possessions, as well. You should only take out your summer possessions if you can see a definite use for them. If there’s anything that you don’t see yourself using, it should go.,

Finally, give everything a good scrub

When you have all this equipment going in and out of your home, you get a chance to access areas that you haven’t touched in a long time. Not to mention, after having stayed shut up all of winter, a time such as this is a great opportunity to air everything out. You want to not try to do everything altogether. You may hate the very idea of spring cleaning. You can go easy on yourself, though. You can organize your cleaning routine, and do a little at a time over the entire month. The easier you go on yourself, the more you’ll find the will to go on.