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Benefits of Quartz Worktops


Quartz worktops are extremely popular for use in the kitchen and in bathrooms also. This engineered worktop material offers various benefits over natural stone such as marble and granite. The term ‘engineered’ comes from the fact that quartz is manufactured using quartz crystals which are bound together using a special resin compound.

The good news, according to quartz worktops London firm JR Stone, is that the finished quartz worktop looks surprisingly similar to more expensive natural stone worktops such as granite and marble, but comes with a much more accessible price tag.

Quartz is extremely attractive

Part of the appeal of quartz for worktops is the fact that the colour of quartz tends to be more uniform in the finished slab than natural stone such as granite or marble. This makes matching worktops with appliances and other installations much easier as the colour can be changed simply by varying the pigment used in the production process. In contrast, natural stone tends to have more random colouring features as a result of its extended period of formation underground.

Highly durable and heat-resistant

Quartz is incredibly strong and does not crack or chip as easily as natural stone materials such as slate, marble and granite. This makes it an ideal choice for areas which get a lot of heavy daily use such as in the kitchen and bathroom. Its impressive heat-resistant properties also make it able to withstand hot pots, pans and oven dishes easily – without staining or marking. It’s also highly resistant to chipping and scratching caused by everyday kitchen utensils, although it’s still recommended to use a chopping board when using knives and cleavers in the kitchen.

Easy cleaning

Quartz offers a big benefit in terms of cleaning because it is not porous like marble and granite and other natural stone materials. Quartz provides a clean, hygienic food preparation surface which is naturally resistant to bacteria buildup and impermeable to spills such as wine, oil and citric juices which easily stain natural stone worktops. Simply wiping the worktop down with a clean, damp cloth is enough to keep it looking lustrous and gleaming, and it will maintain its good looks for decades.

Zero maintenance

Another major benefit of installing quartz worktops in the kitchen or bathroom is the fact that there is no maintenance required such as having to seal and polish them regularly as in the case of granite, marble and other natural stone materials.

So if you’re attracted to the idea of stone worktops or accents in your kitchen or bathroom – quartz offers a wide range of colours to choose from in terms of matching with existing installations, excellent heat-resistance properties, exceptional durability, and great looks – all for less cost than natural stone alternatives.